It Came In A Package!

I had made earlier arrangements for a taxi driver to pick me to work since there was no bus service where I lived. On that fateful day, I called the taxi driver telling him to pick me up. He answered by saying that he could not make it. What a disappointment? I did not know what to do; the time was too short for me to make another arrangement. So, I decided to walk out of the house hoping, I may find an empty taxi. As I was about to cross the road, I saw a taxi far off. So, I waited for it to draw near. As it drew near, I realized, the taxi was empty, and then I stopped the taxi. I politely asked the driver whether it could take me to where I was going, he replied in the affirmative. I sat down in the taxi, very relieved. I then asked the driver whether he normally came this way. He said, “no mum,” I just took this turn, not knowing why. I said quietly to myself, “God thank you.” So, we engaged in a conversation and, he told me about a two-bedroom house that he had vacant and, he was looking for someone to occupy it. “I have been looking for an apartment!” I told him. Guess what? The house was so close to my place of work and, the price was lower compared to other two-bedroom houses in the community. To crown it all, my taxi fares were also off. Sometimes, things that we think are disappointments are blessings in disguise.

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