An Interaction with Sarah Neisen

Sarah Neisen is a graduate of the New Day School of Supernatural Ministry and Co-Founder of Discipleship Training Ministries, SSM. Along with her amazing and patient husband Lee, they seek to teach and encourage believers in their identity in Christ so that the Good News may be preached throughout the world with signs, wonders, and miracles. Her first discipleship bible study on the Song of Solomon will be available in 2020. When she isn’t homeschooling her son you can find her reading, writing, or you may find her playing hooky in the barn with her plethora of chickens, ducks, and cows.

1.       Can you tell us a bit about your background?

For many years I doubted that God existed. I grew up in a very toxic family. My parents fought constantly, two of my siblings rebelled, and my father was abusive. A few friends tried to get me to go to church, but I didn’t want to attend. Why if God even existed would I like Him?

It wasn’t until I was in college and started dating someone that I decided to go to church. My boyfriend had invited me to attend the service. I figured since I liked him I would go. The pastor spoke to my heart and laid out all of my questions about God, my family, and who I really could be in Christ. I gave my heart to Jesus that day and my boyfriend broke up with me the following week.

That was 20 years ago this February. 3 months later, after becoming a member of the church I met my husband. Together we attended that church for 14 years until we felt we should move closer to family.

2.       How did you get into Ministry?

After we moved driving to our church was difficult. We searched for a new church and found where we currently attend. Only 3 months after joining my husband approached me and said we would be attending ministry school together. I wasn’t thrilled. I homeschooled our son, and it would be very difficult for our farm to take the time and attend. I heard God clearly tell me I was to go… so much for my plans!

I learned so much over the next few years. I had never felt comfortable giving prophetic words, or knowing when I should use different gifts of the Spirit while witnessing. Our teacher was such an anointed man of God it made me hungry to be used by God for His kingdom.

During our times together we would often practice different prophetic acts and I was often told I was a teacher. Thinking to myself, ‘obviously, I teach my son’ I missed the point. It wasn’t until I graduated from the school that I realized I was called to the ministry office of Teacher.

I began writing devotionals, articles, and Bible Studies to help others in their walk with God. My heart cried out constantly for discipleship. I believe the apostles understood first hand that discipleship was the key to a deeper revelation of the person of Jesus Christ and the full meaning of redemption for all believers.

3.       What is the purpose of Disciple Training Ministries and how long have you been doing this?

I began teaching this to believers in my own church and elsewhere in 2016, but it wasn’t until 2019 that we founded DTM. Our goal and purpose is to advance the Gospel of Jesus by equipping and enabling the body of Christ to fully understand the hope to which they have been called, and the plans and purposes God has for their lives. We believe that each individual has a unique plan and purpose for their life, and we utilize discipleship studies, speaking engagements, podcasts, and classes to help each person experience for themselves the depths of the Father’s love and grace.

4.       Do you have any plans to expand to other areas such as Africa?

While I haven’t yet taught in Africa all our Bible Studies are free online so anyone anywhere can access relevant discipleship teachings. Maybe someday I can visit and meet the saints in Ghana. I had an invite to join a missions trip to Tanzania, but I was unable to go.

5.       Ministry is all about living according to the spirit for his work to be done through you. Can you please recount instances where it was a struggle allowing the Spirit to lead you instead of the flesh?

How long do we have today? I believe deep down we all truly have flesh that needs to be crucified. This can be if we are new believers or we have been for 20, 40, 50 years. Jesus said we are to daily deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Him. I know the path I have been on hasn’t been easy, but I can’t say it has been hard.

One of my biggest struggles has been negative self-thoughts. The environment I grew up with necessitated my obedience and it meant if I was not going to be hurt I had to meet expectations. I worked myself to a point of panic attacks, depression, and suicide attempts in order to earn the approval of others. While I have been healed by God of my depression and self-harming ways I now seem to struggle most with anger.

Anger is all too easy to embrace when you feel you’ve been wronged. My parents have moved on in life, as have I, but I found it very difficult to forgive when they never apologized. I’ve had to continually give that anger over to Jesus and be okay with never being told they were sorry for all my childhood hurts. It’s a struggle, but like Jesus said forgiveness isn’t for them. It’s for me so that I can be free to live for Him.

I’ll let you know if I ever arrive, but I’m fairly certain a new and interesting thorn in my flesh will make itself known as soon as I do. Glory to Glory? Praise God.

6.       Is suffering as a Christian necessary for spiritual growth?

Absolutely, if I never understand what it is to suffer for denying myself I don’t believe Christ would have ever truly lived in me.

7.       What is your favorite bible passage and why?

Ephesians 3:16-20

May the Holy Spirit Himself indwell your being and personality. May Christ make His home in your heart. May you have the power to know the love of Christ. That you would experience His love for yourself. May you be filled with God Himself.

This is my heart’s greatest desire. That I would know Christ, the Father, the Holy Spirit because I experience them all rather than just read or know them.

8.       How do you juggle family life, work, and ministry?

I’ve asked God on so many occasions what I’m supposed to do with this ministry. All I hear is, ‘exactly what I tell you to do.’ So that is what I’ve done. I ask God each day what I should do and in His wisdom, I manage to get done what needs to be done. I still think time does something strange in my home. I’m not normally so productive.

9.       If Sarah is not writing or teaching what would you do on a typical day?

I homeschool my son and take care of all the animals. We live on a small farm in the Midwest so I have chickens, ducks, cows… no pigs (pray my husband will let me have pigs). I’m very thankful I’m able to homeschool and devote so much time to ministry. My son helps with several things like the podcast (I’m not tech-savvy) and he is old enough now he is able to keep himself busy with school work so I can write for a while. My house however is not the cleanest. We’ve decided that’s okay for now.

10.   Is there anything you would like to say to encourage the upcoming Christian leaders who feel ministry is a lot of work and so they are giving up.

If ministry is what you’re called to do it’s simply the only thing that will satisfy you. God designs each of us for a purpose that fits His plan. It’s easy to get overwhelmed if we try to do everything, so ask God what you should do that day. When we follow His ways our paths are straight and His yoke is light.

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