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The vision of Children & Teens in Worship Foundation was birthed out of a burning desire inspired by the Holy Spirit through Mark M.R.E Addo’s to lead the younger generation to discover the LOVE of GOD that surpasses all understanding. Mark M.R.E Addo was born into a Christian family and introduced to salvation through Christ Jesus at a very early age but the essence soon disappeared during his early development ages and worship became Christianity and the religion of going to church.

In his youthful years from 1999 onwards and through his years in Senior High School and tertiary education at the University of Ghana (Legon Campus), he had been a children’s teacher at the Sunday school and was involved in children’s ministry still trying to discover true worship and why JESUS came. Mark M.R.E Addo became a victim of the self-righteousness diluted biblical doctrines from the ungodly school of thoughts that misled and still misleading churches across the world which held him captive in the doctrine of unrighteousness and unworthiness to be used by GOD. He would tell you, I need 40 days of Prayer and Fasting on the Mountain Herobe to gain righteousness for acceptance in the presence of GOD and to be used by the Holy Spirit for GOD’s Glory.

But he encountered God’s love and he experienced total satisfaction in him. During and about the same period from the year 2001 to 2011, he played a leading role in the development and organization of a wide range of children/teens entertainment and educational programmes, competitions, and events organized by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation with Ghana Television and the National Theatre. During these years as a teacher at the Sunday School, he learned a lot and discovered the impact and power of creative arts like dancing, music, roleplay, etc. at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and how these creative arts projects influenced the lives of the younger generation, transformed them into the content it offered unconsciously, raptured their desires for more, how the words/lyrics and acts that were involved transformed in shaping their personalities, who they became as adults and what they had to offer the world and their generation. In addition, he experienced the power of television media as a penetrative communication tool in reaching out to the masses and beyond with the power of media broadcasting. Mark had soon become a living testimony, witnessed the impact of television media, how it was used to shape thinking patterns of a generation, affecting their behaviour, reasoning, and approach to life.

Thus began Mark’s walk with JESUS as he encountered the LOVE of GOD discovering GOD has just been waiting at his door to have him do his work.

After Mark received several visions and revelations in developing a dynamic children’s outreach television platform, the Children in Worship Foundation was born with worship outreach programs and the television evangelism outreach programme as the two main projects, impacting thousands of lives of children/teens across the nation.

The concept development of Children in Worship TV was with the goal of leading children/teens to Christ, teaching children to live right, helping children/teens develop good morals, ethics, and manners, teaching them to develop the consciousness of sharing, being an expression of the Love of God to the world by showing love and compassion to those in need wherever they find themselves. Upon sharing this vision of the television evangelism outreach programme with his media colleagues, they were willing to work together with him and dedicate some of their time to help this dream become a reality.

By the end of 2011, Mark was able to get his first camera on a loan, started training for children/teens and soon the first-ever episodes of Children in Worship TV were produced. In July 2012, 13 episodes were given to the Ghana Broadcasting Network Channel (GBC) and an application for airtime sponsorship was requested in faith as it wasn’t a policy for the National TV to sponsor religious programs. A few months later, he received a call confirming GBC’s approval for airtime sponsorship in broadcasting the program on the national television channel (GTV Life).

After the first season of broadcasting, Ghana National Broadcasting received positive feedback from the television viewing audience and has requested for more television broadcasting content to date. Since 2018, Children In Worship TV has been airing on GTV (main channel) in addition to GTV Life. In December 2019, Children In Worship TV has been on the air for 30 days in a row for the Christmas season, and after that Ghana, National Television gave the green light to continue the daily broadcast.

Mark has been working with a loyal team of volunteers, some who were willing to sacrifice their time by training and developing children & Teens, which took a lot of time. Other media crew volunteers worked and continue to work on the production of evangelism content for broadcasting. In the beginning, media equipment had to be rented, however, after a few years, GOD had blessed the Foundation with media equipment necessary for broadcasting and content production.


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